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Disaster Recovery Consulting

Prepare for whatever is next with industry-leading experts.

Even in the face of today’s ever-changing threats IT downtime is not an option. Organizations face cybercrime, hardware failure, and other unplanned events at an ever-increasing pace. Your business needs to do more than just survive in these moments. Partnering with an expert in disaster recovery can help prevent irrecoverable downtime leading to revenue loss, impacts to business operations, or even your organization’s reputation.

A quick and successful recovery doesn’t happen by magic. Preparing your business for disaster starts with a comprehensive strategy — putting the right people, processes, and technology in place. 11:11 Disaster Recovery Consulting Services operates with this mindset: providing end-to-end solutions and technology to meet your organization’s recovery requirements.

A partnership for all your disaster recovery needs.

11:11 consultants will help to holistically address your disaster recovery needs, particularly if you and your team are asking these questions:

    • Do our disaster recovery plan and our technology solution(s) address the right risks based on the evolving needs of our business?
    • Do we feel confident that our disaster recovery solutions will work when we need them the most?
    • Do we feel confident in our ability to handle threats we are not familiar with?

If you have concerns about these questions or know your organization can’t answer them with a resounding “yes,” then our Disaster Recovery Consulting team can help.

11:11 Disaster Recovery Consulting features

Disaster Recovery Standards and Readiness Assessment

Our consultants will work with your team and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your disaster recovery program and look for opportunities to improve through a prioritized and actionable Risk Mitigation Roadmap. They’ll apply ISO 27031 program structure and accountability to advance resilience and continuous program improvements. The 11:11 team will provide guidance towards meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery Strategy and Plan Development

11:11 will establish a foundational disaster recovery architecture for current and future states, and ensure your DR capabilities are aligned with all of your business needs. The team will look to improve coordination and communication between the DR Teams and the Incident Management and Business Continuity Teams. We will document disaster recovery information, including critical dependencies, team members, recovery strategies, and procedures.

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises

A team of experts will validate the response and communication procedures for the following plans:

  • DR Management Plan
  • Infrastructure Recovery Plans
  • Application Recovery Plans
  • Business Acceptance Plans

The goal is to increase organizational awareness and preparedness and to improve performance during an actual event. From a regulatory standpoint meeting compliance and regulatory is part of our plan’s requirements.

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery Health Check

The 11:11 team will identify vulnerabilities in your disaster recovery environment or recovery capabilities. They will also validate your disaster recovery environment configuration for a successful test and recovery. Our team will work with your IT organization to broaden its disaster recovery knowledge and familiarize your staff with 11:11 Systems’ customer portal and its processes as well as maximizing the use of 11:11 Systems’ DR products.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Not sure where the gaps are in your DR plan?

Start with our free disaster recovery assessment. This 12-question survey will help you gauge where you are in your DR journey.


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