11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity

Protect your on-premises data with industry-leading security.

Managed Backup Cohesity

The smart, scalable solution for seamless backup management

As internal and external cyber threats continue to evolve, 11:11 Systems offers protection for your data, no matter where it lives. 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity is a fully managed service that ensures the integrity of your on-premises backup data. By combining a Cohesity appliance deployed on-site with 11:11’s onboarding, configuration, and ongoing management, you get secure, scalable backup in a single, seamless solution.

11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity removes the complexity, disruptions, and headaches associated with siloed legacy backup infrastructure. It unites the award winning Cohesity platform with 11:11’s expertise in data protection to provide proactive and reactive backup management. As a result, your mission-critical data remains secure, while also freeing up the time and resources of your IT team to focus on what matters: delivering business value.

11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity Features

Take backup management off your to-do list

11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity frees up your IT team to extend and innovate — not spin cycles managing backup data. As a fully managed service, 11:11 provides comprehensive onboarding as well as ongoing services that guarantee your backup system is secure and performant.

We are proactive in managing your backup jobs. Workload integrations, policy modifications, and data restoration capabilities enable us to respond quickly and impactfully, while backup job monitoring and consistent Cohesity maintenance provide the peace of mind that your system is always tuned for peak performance.

Cohesity Fully Managed Service

Get up and running with ease and confidence

Onboarding services cover the full breadth of configuration and the deployment of the Cohesity applications, including:

  • Network, Agent, and Policy configuration and review
  • A full inventory of protected workloads and their permissions
  • Verification of existing infrastructure and workload requirements
  • Full rack and stack of Cohesity cluster
  • Integration with Cohesity management plan

With 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity, you can launch cutting-edge backup management with ease and confidence.

Cohesity - Comprehensive Onboarding

Never wait for restored data again

11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity meets the most stringent recovery point (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). When time is money — the average cost of IT system downtime is over $300k per hour — 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity gets your data back online and ensures your business continues uninterrupted.

Cohesity Instant Mass Restore

Stay up-to-date with zero disruptions or downtime

Cohesity’s cluster-based architecture translates to incredibly high resiliency. Updating the software itself requires no downtime, which means that you can always leverage the latest capabilities and protections without compromise.

Cohesity - Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Trust built-in, industry-leading security

Cohesity Backup integrates strong data security capabilities into its backup services — which means every 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity deployment comes with powerful Zero Trust and ransomware protection built into its DNA. With Cohesity Zero Trust, 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity prevents unauthorized access to your valuable backup files. The additional Threat Defense layer delivers immutable snapshots and DataLock to make them tamper-proof against advanced ransomware.

Managed Backup for Cohesity

Scale out simply and seamlessly

The 11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity solution allows your team to scale out, not up. Forget buying and installing a new rack of servers. When you need to expand, simply add additional chassis or blades to seamlessly grow. Because storage goes into the overall pool, there’s no waiting, no headaches, and no need to reconfigure.

Cohesity - Scale-Out Architecture

Control costs without compromise

As a leader in backup and recovery software solutions, Cohesity is famously reliable. Data is written in a highly redundant, secure manner with some of the industry’s best deduplication capabilities. That means your backup data is secure and incredibly efficient, so you can control costs while relying on best-in-class backup management.

Cohesity - Cloud Native


  • Cohesity Benefits
    Simplify backup management with seamless software and expert managed services.
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Reduce your overall total cost of ownership (TCO) for backup management.
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Simplify data protection by eliminating backup siloes and managing backup and recovery through a single, integrated interface.
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Protect your data with industry-leading security while ensuring its accessibility and availability.
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Recover your data virtually instantly to meet (or exceed) business service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Scale out quickly and easily to keep pace with business requirements.

Use Cases

11:11 Managed Backup for Cohesity simplifies and streamlines backup management:
  • Manage Backup
    Modernize on-premises backup management to increase speed, security, and ease of use while reducing costs.
  • Physical tape replacement
    Eliminate multiple point-products, expensive rip-and-replace projects, bolt-on gateways, and other legacy solutions that put your business at risk.
  • Managed Backup
    Outsource backup management to the experts, so your team can go beyond “keeping the lights on” and drive innovation and business value.
  • Managed Backup
    Reduce your data footprint and optimize storage capacity with global, variable-length deduplication and compression.
  • Cohesity Benefits
    Trust a global leader in backup and data recovery to deliver zero disruptions and downtime, seamless scalability, unmatched ransomware protection, near-instant restores, and sky-high resiliency.
Managed Backup for Cohesity

Available in all geographies that 11:11 Systems operates.

Designed to meet your unique, global business requirements.

11:11 Systems’ data centers meet the highest standards for security, compliance, and performance. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready to support your changing business needs.


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