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Simplify your cloud journey with the proven VMware private or public cloud platform.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

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Most private or public cloud hosting providers attempt to create complete solutions to meet a customer’s business needs. But the reality is, every organization is unique. You are at a different point in your cloud journey and have different requirements for success. Which is why we designed our cloud solutions to be flexible and scalable — to meet your unique needs.

Hyperscale clouds, in particular, present significant challenges. Because they are designed with a “one size fits all” approach, they require your organization to adapt to their model. Instead, our strategic approach starts with your business demands, and includes everything you need to address all of your IT and application requirements — even for the most complex and unique environments.

We’ll work with you to take the next step in your cloud journey:

  • Plan: Together we’ll discover which of our IaaS cloud hosting services will suit your specific business and application requirements.
  • Predict: Our straightforward pricing model will make it easy to understand and forecast your cloud costs over time.
  • Migrate: We’ll provide dedicated services to onboard, deploy, and support you, no matter where you are in your cloud adoption.
  • Optimize: Our award-winning cloud platform is built with proven VMware technology, unified management, and an extensible API.
  • Protect: Security, compliance, and backup are all built in.
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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting solutions

Catering to every stage of your cloud journey, whether you require Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud solutions, 11:11 Systems guides you through the complexities, ensuring the best performance, security, compliance, and licensing capabilities for your unique workloads.

Our Public Cloud Hosting service offers the flexibility and scalability of traditional IaaS, supported by managed services and proven solutions, simplifying your cloud migration process. With options ranging from our VMware-based public cloud to managed hyperscale cloud offerings, we ensure a seamless transformation aligned with your business needs, leveraging technology, innovation, and strategic planning.

For those seeking the benefits of a cloud environment tailored specifically to their needs, our IaaS Hosted Private Cloud provides the scalability and efficiency of our Public Cloud, combined with the security and performance advantages of a single-tenant model. With customizable configurations and robust migration support, our Private Cloud hosting ensures optimal performance and efficiency to maintain peak performance for your critical applications. Plus, since it is built on VMware, you won’t need extensive refactoring to migrate to 11:11 Private Cloud.

Cloud Overview

11:11 Public Cloud

VMWare, right-sized for your business.

Cloud Overview

11:11 Private Cloud

Cloud hosting built for your business.

What can the 11:11 Cloud do for you?

We’ve been working with VMware customers for more than a decade, helping to support and migrate their mission- critical workloads. Our experts ensure that when you move on-premises applications to the cloud, or establish a hybrid cloud strategy — whether for production, data protection, or disaster recovery — you’ll have the right VMware-based environment to meet your needs for performance, security, and cost. A few of the ways we can help your organization:

Reduce cost of ownership

Predicable costs, lower total cost of ownership.
Eliminate or reduce the need for a primary (or secondary) data center. Predictable costs with an “as a Service” model

Improve application time

Improve application time to value.
VMware refactoring isn’t necessary — simply lift and shift to an efficient Infrastructure as a Service model.

Fortify defenses

Fortify your cyber defenses.
Leverage built-in security, robust infrastructure, proven solutions, a dedicated team, and industry expertise.

Improve availability

Improve availability and recovery.
Diversify how your data is protected and where it’s located. Recover quickly from disasters. Improved uptime with operational continuity and reliability.

Unlimited flexibility and scale

Speed and unlimited flexibility and scale.
Future-proof your technology by adding or removing resources quickly and easily.

Upgrade performance

Upgrade performance, enhance response times.
Manage it all from a single, unified console with a familiar VMware-based look and feel.

How does 11:11 Cloud compare to hyperscale providers?

All 11:11 Cloud hosting solutions feature:

The VMware-based technology you know and trust, available globally.

The underlying cloud technology matters. 11:11 uses proven technology from leading vendors including VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco, and Trend Micro.

  • Our services are certified for highest performance, availability, and security, no matter the use case.
  • Our experience ensures that your adoption will be quick and seamless.
  • Our intuitive technology means your cloud service will be easy to integrate with your on-premises environment.
  • Our history in the industry gives us the confidence to offer a 100% uptime guarantee, supported by a financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

11:11 services are available in cloud regions around the world to support global organization needs, geographic diversity, data sovereignty, and redundancy options for data protection and disaster recovery.

vmware based technology

Single console to manage all 11:11 services.

The 11:11 Cloud Console is our award-winning, unified management platform. It provides:

  • Management across all 11:11 services including public cloud, private cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and more, to support your hybrid cloud.
  • Complete control and deep visibility into your cloud infrastructure resources such as compute, storage, networking, and security.
  • Ease of use for monitoring, reporting, and billing.
  • APIs designed for extensibility, allowing you to develop in-house applications that can leverage 11:11 Cloud Console for visibility and control.
Unified cloud management
Cloud Console

Know your data is safe with our defense in depth

11:11 Cloud includes managed, purpose-selected security directly integrated into the 11:11 Cloud Console. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your workloads are secure

Together with other native infrastructure features, 11:11 security includes encryption, role-based access, and more:

  • RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • (Optional) VM encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • VPN
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Deep-packet inspection for intrusion detection and prevention
  • Detailed firewall and log events
  • Storage-based encryption enabling encryption at rest

Through our management console, you also have access to on-demand reporting and alerting for security and compliance, helping to provide your organization with a comprehensive audit trail.

Multilayered Security

Discover the true cost of your cloud.

11:11’s consumption-based service model is measured on actual usage of compute resources, not allocation.

Purchase resources as you need them – storage and RAM by the GB, and CPU by the GHz.

This provides you with high levels of utilization, reduces complexity, and improves forecasting accuracy.

Simplified Pricing

Go beyond traditional IaaS.

As you migrate from an on-premises environment to the cloud, 11:11 manages your environment up to the hypervisor layer. Our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides you with the tools to make your cloud transformation a success.

11:11 Cloud solutions include:

  • Complete cloud resource management
  • VMware upgrades and patches
  • Management of purpose-selected security, compliance, backup, storage, and compute layers
Management Hypervisor
Management Hypervisor

Backup is built in.

We provide complete protection for your mission-critical workloads with built-in 11:11 Standard Backup for 11:11 Cloud or optional 11:11 Advanced Backup.

11:11 helps your organization defend against:

  • External threats including cybercrime
  • Internal threats, such as accidental deletion
  • Other unplanned data loss events
Backup is built in
Backup as a Service

Meet compliance requirements.

Providing audit documentation, interpreting regulatory requirements, and answering security questions can be confusing. Our in-house compliance team is ready to support you and address any of these needs, even industry-specific or geographic regulations.


Adopt the cloud without disrupting your existing network investment.

One of the challenges of moving to the cloud, or adopting a multi-cloud strategy is the ability for applications to be able to communicate with each other and other networks.

To keep communication consistent between workloads, 11:11 allows you to preserve your existing network policies and investments.

This provides unparalleled network flexibility, improves your ability to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, and/or proceed with your network strategy without disruption.

11:11’s network flexibility gives you control of your existing and future application environments:

  • Familiar and integrated VMware-based network services via VMware NSX for security segmentation and access (IPsec/SSL VPN), all managed through the 11:11 Cloud Console

  • “Bring your own” options including physical/virtual network appliances, as well as flexible carrier and circuit options (MPLS/VPLS, direct circuit) for global connectivity
  • Megaport/SD-WAN and our high throughput circuits for performance and integration purposes
  • Unlimited, unthrottled, and highly resilient bandwidth to maximize uptime
Network Performance

Customize your cloud.

With our cloud strategy and design services, we can individually create cloud solutions to meet your specific business and application needs.

Leveraging 11:11 Catalyst, our environment assessment tool, we can anticipate the exact storage, compute, and memory resources needed to meet your workload performance requirements. Since each organization is unique we can help optimize your cloud performance through a design customized with your CPU, memory, storage, and network requirements.

Strategy and Design
Strategy and Design

The journey to the cloud is as important as the destination.

11:11 understands the importance and the challenges of migrating to the cloud without disruption. Not all companies have the in-house resources, time, or desire to risk the downtime associated with moving mission-critical workloads and sensitive data off-site.

To ensure a safe and secure journey to the 11:11 Cloud, we take a comprehensive approach and assign a dedicated project manager as well as cloud services engineers to your migration and deployment. This optional service can significantly reduce time to migration, improve your time to market, and increase your overall return on investment (ROI).

The Journey to the Cloud
Onboarding and Deployment

No one can do it all. Our experts can help.

Your success depends on your ability to overcome business challenges, keep business moving forward, all with an eye toward future IT needs. That’s a lot to ask. And the reality is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your network.

Which is why our Professional Services experts can deliver full-service network design, configuration, and deployment to make sure your cloud, security, or connectivity solution implementation is a success. You decide exactly what you need and work with your dedicated account manager on clearly defined requirements, specific to your organization and project. This may include:

  • Network architecture review and design to address cloud and business objectives
  • Configuration and implementation to optimize your selected 11:11 Cloud solution(s) and quality test before deployment
  • Health check and audit of your current solution to identify areas of exposure and improve your security posture
Professional Services

You’re not alone with our cloud.

With coverage across our services, our 24x7x365 support team is available by phone, chat, and in-console ticketing system to address your questions. That begins with our seamless onboarding process through ongoing operations, whether your questions are large or small.

11:11 understands that technical questions represent time and money to our customers, so we strive to resolve issues rapidly with our committed technical team in each region.


Flexible Storage

11:11 Cloud offers up to three tiers of storage to meet your application’s unique performance demands.

I/O intensive applications can receive performance storage, including All-flash, or Accelerated, while tier 2 or 3 applications can leverage more cost-effective options, including Object Storage.

Flexible Storage

11:11 Windows License Mobility

Customers can now deploy eligible Microsoft applications on 11:11 Cloud using their existing licensing. This allows you to easily move your applications to 11:11 without additional Microsoft software licensing fees. Customers with active Microsoft Software Assurance contracts are covered under this program.

Windows License

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Ensure maximum uptime for your mission-critical applications with integrated disaster recovery.

11:11 Disaster Recovery is fully-integrated into your Public or Hosted Private Cloud.

With integrated disaster recovery, you can:

  • Recover from unplanned downtime events such as hardware failure, natural disasters or cybercrime.
  • Test your business readiness easily, as often as your business continuity plan requires.
  • Deliver cost-effective cloud-to-cloud recovery.
integrated disaster recovery

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Use Cases

11:11 Public Cloud hosting is ideal for:

Public Cloud

Mission-critical applications and general workloads

Public Cloud

Small databases and large relational databases

Public Cloud

Web and mobile applications and servers

Public Cloud

Batch processing and media streaming

Public Cloud

Disaster recovery and data protection requirements

11:11 Private Cloud hosting is ideal for:

Private Cloud

Mission-critical workloads with demanding performance/RAM requirements

Private Cloud

Businesses with specific regulatory, compliance, and data sovereignty needs

Private Cloud

Environments with CPU-based pricing models that need hardware flexibility

Private Cloud

Organizations that need extensive customization across several criteria

Manage Backup

Businesses that have high performance and secure disaster recovery and data protection requirements

Available in all geographies that 11:11 Systems operates.

Designed to meet your unique, global business requirements.

11:11 Systems’ data centers meet the highest standards for security, compliance, and performance. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready to support your changing business needs.


A public cloud is a type of cloud computing model in which computing services, such as servers, storage, and applications, are provided to multiple users over the internet by a third-party provider. These services are hosted on shared infrastructure, allowing users to access resources on-demand and pay only for what they use. Public cloud services are typically scalable, flexible, and cost-effective, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and organizations. Examples of public cloud providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

A private cloud is a cloud computing model in which computing services and infrastructure are dedicated to a single organization or entity, typically managed either internally or by a third-party provider. Unlike public clouds, which use shared resources and serve multiple users, private clouds offer greater control, security, and customization options. They can be hosted on-premises within an organization’s data center or off-premises in a hosted environment. Private clouds are commonly used by organizations with specific security, compliance, or performance requirements that cannot be met by public cloud offerings.

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, which is a cloud computing model that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. In an IaaS model, users rent virtualized hardware resources such as servers, storage, and networking infrastructure from a cloud provider on a pay-as-you-go basis. This allows businesses to scale their IT infrastructure up or down based on demand without the need to invest in physical hardware.

“A managed cloud hosting provider or managed cloud service provider is a company that offers comprehensive management and support services for cloud-based infrastructure and applications. These providers handle tasks such as server maintenance, security monitoring, performance optimization, backups, and updates, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.”

A cloud managed service refers to a comprehensive suite of services provided by a third-party vendor, like 11:11 Systems, to manage and optimize an organization’s cloud computing resources and infrastructure. This includes tasks such as monitoring, maintenance, security, backup, disaster recovery, and performance optimization. By outsourcing these responsibilities to a specialized provider, businesses can ensure efficient operation of their cloud environment while focusing on their core objectives.

Cloud server management involves the administration, monitoring, and optimization of virtual servers hosted on cloud computing platforms. This includes tasks such as provisioning and configuring servers, monitoring performance and resource usage, ensuring security and compliance, conducting backups and disaster recovery measures, and scaling resources as needed to meet changing demands. Cloud server management aims to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of cloud-based infrastructure while minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

The cloud refers to a general term for remotely hosted computing resources accessed over the internet, while managed cloud specifically refers to cloud services that are actively monitored, maintained, and optimized by a third-party provider. In other words, while both involve utilizing off-site computing resources, managed cloud services offer additional management and support to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure, improve performance, ensure security, and streamline operations.

The main difference between private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting lies in who owns and manages the infrastructure. Private cloud hosting involves dedicated resources for a single organization, either managed internally or by a third-party provider, offering greater control, security, and customization. In contrast, public cloud hosting utilizes shared resources provided by a third-party vendor, serving multiple users over the internet, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.


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