11:11 Cloud Recovery

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Cloud Recovery

Minimize cloud downtime.

As more businesses move workloads to the cloud, the possibility for disruption increases. What happens to your cloud-dependent business if disaster strikes? Your investment in your cloud disaster recovery plan needs to align with your true failover costs. The average cost of downtime for a critical workload is $67,000 per workload!

11:11 Cloud Recovery goes beyond technology by offering all-inclusive, fully managed solutions to support the always-on demands of your business. Purpose-built for resilience and performance, our solutions will connect you to the services that power your business and simplify your otherwise complicated hybrid IT landscape.

Our Cloud Recovery includes:

  • Ability to recover operating systems, applications, and data
  • Built-in cloud recovery lifecycle management
  • Scalable capacity, based on your application demands
  • Recovery time objectives (RTOs) and service-level agreements (SLAs) that meet your business objectives


  • Improved Recovery

    Tiered recovery options

    Customize your recovery, from your most aggressive RTOs to your least critical workloads. We’ll tailor your solution to meet your business demands, SLAs, budget and risk tolerance, and we’ll work with you to deliver the best cloud disaster recovery options for you.

  • Cost Savings

    Usage-based model

    Optimize your spend as business requirements change, reducing capacity over-allocation while also supporting organic growth, so your business gets exactly the right cloud recovery service for your needs.

  • Cloud Recovery


    Fully managed testing and recovery execution so that your team can focus on driving business value instead of managing cloud workloads and recovery.

  • Cloud Recovery

    Fully managed recovery with SLA-backed RTOs

    Reduce downtime and keep your business available and connected to critical systems, applications, and data. We deliver a validated and operational recovered environment at speed using cloud disaster recovery best practices to keep your business moving.

  • Cloud Recovery

    Maximize recovery confidence

    Provide your organization with experienced, proven disaster recovery expertise, bringing together more than 40 years of keeping businesses running — no matter the application, no matter the platform. We have industry-leading success rates for your cloud-based recovery.

Use Cases

If you find it difficult to meet organizational demands for uptime, we can help keep your business running all day, every day.
We support:

  • IT Environment
    IT environments with physical and virtual workloads
  • Cloud Recovery
    Recovery from a malicious cyberattack
  • RTO
    Interdependent applications with varying RTOs
  • monitoring recovery trends
    Increased focus on monitoring recovery trends and lifecycle management through testing
  • Supporting IT teams
    Supporting IT teams that need to focus on innovation and revenue-producing priorities
Cloud Recovery

Cloud Recovery Options

  • Platform-agnostic support
  • Physical, virtual, clusters, and AWS support
  • Flexible resourcing – reserved or pay per use
  • Continuous Data Protection with journal retention for days, weeks or months

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