11:11 Managed Recovery Program

Experience fully managed disaster recovery.

11:11 Systems Managed Recovery

Assure organizational resilience with recovery that’s tailored to your business.

Downtime isn’t an option. That why you need a data protection plan with fully managed disaster recovery (DR) so that you can keep business going, no matter what.

11:11 Systems is a leading provider of disaster recovery management backed by 40 years of proven success. Our Managed Recovery Program is designed to work with your existing IT to create holistic solutions, customized to your needs, that will allow you to meet your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and your recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Disaster recovery management shouldn’t be a standalone effort, but woven into the ongoing fabric of your production IT — especially considering today’s modern, complex, hybrid, and ever-evolving IT environments.

Protect data and keep business running.

With 11:11 Systems Managed Recovery Program, we’ll assume responsibility for your recovery. Our experts will work with your team to design and develop your DR plans and procedures, maintain them to ensure complete synchronization with changes in your production environment, and fully manage recovery plan testing on a regular basis. You will get all of the people, processes, technology and environments to have comprehensive, compliant, and effective recovery, when you need it.

Protect Data

Only 41% of business are testing their DR plan regularly.*

11:11 Managed Recovery Program Benefits

Complete recovery readiness

With 11:11 Systems Managed Recovery Program, you’ll get a dedicated technical service delivery manager assigned to your organization. Then together we’ll develop your:

  • Recovery procedure plan and documentation
  • Recovery procedure execution
  • Recovery management during testing and during a disaster
  • Post-testing reporting and review

You get monthly and quarterly program status reporting to provide assurance that your organization can recover in the event of an unplanned outage.

Complete recovery readiness

Application-focused recovery

Applications aren’t simply restored — we restore them and set them up to perform as you expect them to. We recover to specific points in time so that you know your applications and data are available. As the final part of the managed recovery process, we make sure your end users are reconnected and able to resume business as usual.

Application Focused

Control costs

To balance costs with delivering contractually-guaranteed RTOs and RPOs, we apply a tiered approach to application availability. We’ll work with you to rank your applications and data according to how critical they are to organizational continuity, and design services that provide customized uptime by application, avoiding an expensive one-size-fits-all approach.

Control costs

Keep your critical business operations
running all day, every day.

Four phases of 11:11 Managed Recovery:

Discovery and Dependency Mapping


Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM), including detailed information-gathering about your production applications and their dependencies. This creates a baseline to help define your recovery processes and prioritize the order of recovery.

Design fully recoverable production environments


Using the detailed DDM, we’ll create a blueprint for your recovery plans and procedures for each application, system, and supporting infrastructure across your network. With our decades of experience in recovery and business continuity planning, we’ll design a fully recoverable production environment.

Run Recovery


Next, we’ll regularly test this recovery environment following many types of cyber incident and disaster recovery scenarios. We’ll validate DR runbooks and procedures across your infrastructure and applications. Our patented Recovery Execution System (RES) generates an end-to-end execution workflow based on your tailored DR plan, freeing your staff from manual recovery processes. Our experts also conduct post-test reviews to fix potential problems.

Analyze Production Environment


Finally, we’ll continually track and analyze changes in your production environment and then make updates to your recovery plans and procedures. This also provides an ongoing opportunity to optimize your recovery plans.

11:11 Managed Recovery includes:

  • Industry leading technology

    Industry-leading technology and experience

    We have decades of experience in IT services and analysts have recognized our solutions for their innovation and market leadership.

  • Compliance Team

    Dedicated compliance team

    We will help you tackle your geographic and/or industry-specific regulatory concerns with our in-house compliance team.

  • Strategy and Design

    Individual strategy and design

    We will create a customized and managed plan that provides you with the assurance that your business can recover following a disaster.

  • Customer Support

    Unparalleled customer support

    We will provide a dedicated technical service delivery manager assigned to your organization. Plus our support team is available 24x7x365 by phone or email to address any of your questions — large or small.

Customer Spotlight

“One of the things I was impressed with was that [11:11] came up with a plan to minimize the resources we would have to devote to it on our end… They work as if they’re an extension of our IT staff. I have absolute faith in them.”



Use Cases

11:11 Managed Recovery:
  • Public Cloud
    Provides complete, end-to-end managed recovery of your entire infrastructure
  • Reduce Complexity
    Reduces complexity and eliminates the need for your IT team to focus on data protection and recovery
  • Backup
    Allows you to customize recovery with a unique plan tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Managed Backup
    Provides broad options for recovery so you can keep your critical business systems running
Managed Recovery

Available in all geographies that 11:11 Systems operates.

Designed to meet your unique, global business requirements.

11:11 Systems’ data centers meet the highest standards for security, compliance, and performance. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready to support your changing business needs.


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