Rapidly deploy and scale short‑term virtual environments in the 11:11 Cloud.

Lab Engine

If you have short-term computing needs that require orchestrated, customizable accessibility along with high performance, 11:11 Lab Engine is ready for you.

Lab Engine

Create, manage, deploy. At the speed of your business.

11:11 Lab Engine enables your team to cost-effectively deploy and scale cloud resources for all your short-term requirements.

  • Quickly create virtual environments for all your short-term needs such as training, demonstrations, trade shows, and proof of concepts.
  • Spin up and spin down complete environments as you need them with our simple hourly, pay-per-use model.
  • Easily migrate existing virtual machines and applications or create new ones to develop templates that can be saved and deployed at scale.
  • Create complex environments that would typically be very difficult to deploy at scale, including nested hypervisors, virtual appliances, multi-tiered networking schemes, and more.
  • Deploy and revert environments on demand or schedule in advance with a built-in calendar function.
  • Access lab environments from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage templates, calendars, labs, and users over a single pane of glass.
  • Proctor or assist users by opening the console to any running environment.
  • Integrate with training or sales management applications with full API access.
  • Use analytics to show trainee/user activity and to provide assessment and certification of courses.

For your prospective customers, nothing is as powerful as a full featured trial or POC. The ability to quickly and consistently demonstrate a product has been proven to significantly reduce sales cycles. While traditional POCs put the burden of understanding the value of your product on the customer, a simple trial can lack relevant and meaningful insights.

11:11 Lab Engine can give you the best of both worlds: Control and visibility into your prospect demonstration environments.

  • Create a repeatable, scalable trial environment that is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.
  • Accelerate the sales process by delivering guided POCs and trials without any effort on the customer.
  • Deliver rich data sets for a full experience to showcase the value of your solution, even if it requires a complex configuration.
  • Assist real-time with an “over the shoulder” view of what the customer is seeing enabling you to guide them through and deliver the best possible experience.
  • Empower your channel partners to deliver the same high quality environments to scale out your sales force.
  • Track user knowledge for assessment, verification, and certification to help guide sales cycle and what to discuss with your target audience.

iland is now part of 11:11 Systems, the webinar highlighted on this page was recorded while we were still named iland, but the content is awesome and we still wanted to share it with you, enjoy!

Nothing is better than hands-on training to enable your customers and internal teams.

Training departments struggle with both maintaining complex environments and having the time to create quality content. Lab Engine removes the worry of the environment and allows your training team to:

  • Create rich, repeatable cloud-based training environments.
  • Manage multiple classrooms with multiple templates all from a single pane of glass.
  • Manage student accounts and their access to content.
  • Deliver hands-on training locally or remotely along with detailed user guides.
  • Deploy, revert, and scale your labs quickly, which means no more working weekends to build new environments for a class.
  • Guide students with an “over the shoulder” proctor view.

Customer feedback and usability testing from betas is invaluable for product teams.

Unfortunately, most customers simply do not have the time or resources to install and use beta software. Plus, many organizations will not even allow beta software in production environments. The answer is a pre-populated, guided, or self-paced beta experience that can be quickly delivered to the customer. 11:11 Lab Engine allows Product teams to:

  • Quickly spin up beta environments and deliver them worry-free to customers for feedback without the customer having to impact their production environment.
  • Run guided beta tests and usability testing with the ability to watch and guide the customer.
  • Quickly implement changes to the environment, spin it up again and get continuous feedback faster than ever before.
  • Scale usability testing to encompass A/B testing and understand which solution is best for their product.
  • Develop closer customer relations by showcasing new features with no impact to the customer.

Hands-on labs at trade shows, booth demos and even webinars are extremely effective marketing tactics.

Booth presentations and webinars are always more engaging when accompanied by a technical demo and being able to have a reliable environment is key to successful presentations. 11:11 Lab Engine enables teams to:

  • Develop reliable environments for partner and field marketing events.
  • Deploy demo environments for sales engineering teams creating a common experience across all customer presentations.
  • Deliver reliable webcast demonstrations and focus on the message and content.
  • Manage and maintain a catalog of environments to spin up and down as needed.
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