11:11 Infrastructure Recovery Services

Recover your infrastructure from
the ground up.

Infrastructure Recovery

Reproduce your production environment with a customized data center.

Maintaining a secondary data center can be costly, especially when it comes to support and updates for older systems. And when it comes to recovery, cloud-based services may not be a perfect fit, especially if you have Mainframes, Sun Servers or other physical IT infrastructure. 11:11 Systems can help you align the right recovery technology to your multi-platform requirements.

11:11 Infrastructure Recovery Services can provide you with a cohesive recovery strategy connecting you to your backup infrastructure, your network and tiered applications across your IT landscape. We can build customized data centers, based on your specifications, to reproduce your unique production environment. We’ll also work with you to design your disaster recovery plan – whether it’s do-it-yourself or fully managed.


  • Secure Recovery Centers
    Secure recovery centers with technical experts supporting all recovery tests and disaster declarations
  • Infrastructure integration
    Infrastructure integration supporting multiple technology platforms and centers
  • Specialized infrastructure
    Specialized infrastructure that matches your specific business needs
  • Testing
    State-of-the-art remote testing and recovery from any location
  • Lowered cost of ownership
    Reduced total cost of ownership, including capital expenditures, support costs, and infrastructure overhead
  • 100% success rate
    100% success rate in resuming our customer’s business operations during an unplanned business disruption

Need business continuity advice?

11:11 brings together more than 40 years of expertise in delivering business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Need help putting together a business continuity or disaster recovery plan? Running into roadblocks in your cloud journey? We can provide the advice you need to get your digital transformation to the next level.

Need dedicated employee workspace too?

We can provide office space following a disaster:
  • Enterprise-grade equipment
  • Customization
  • Global coverage

Infrastructure Recovery

Keeping your mainframe the main thing.

Safeguard your ability to restore your mainframe at any time.

Amid today’s complex IT landscape, maintaining and recovering aging mainframe systems can pose significant challenges. Whether your team is dealing with rising costs, limited resources, and expertise, or the inadequacy of cloud solutions for legacy infrastructure, recovery can be tricky business.

Since 1978, 11:11 Systems brings together decades of experience in mainframe recovery, providing secure environments for businesses to protect and recover their mainframes. Our seasoned team has honed their recovery expertise across multiple decades and various platforms, assisting businesses around the world overcome unforeseen disruptions.

11:11 Mainframe Recovery provides a robust, managed solution tailored to ensure business continuity for critical mainframe operations, addressing challenges like data breaches and natural disasters with around-the-clock expert support. Offering a range of services from self-service to fully managed recovery options, 11:11 ensures seamless operational failover to secondary infrastructures, underlining the company’s commitment to maintaining and recovering mainframe systems.


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