With 11:11 Systems, you can colocate your existing equipment and leverage our bare-metal servers for your specialized workloads.

A home in the cloud for all your workloads.

While 11:11 Cloud services makes it easy to run, protect, and recover nearly all your mission-critical workloads in the cloud, there are always exceptions. For companies with legacy hardware that has been customized over the years, or for workloads that are highly specialized and need to run on purpose-built equipment, 11:11 offers both colocation and bare-metal services.


Make the cloud a reality. Easily move your existing hardware to one of 11:11’s Cloud Regions.

Sometimes a very specific piece of hardware is critical to your infrastructure operations. When re-architecting is cost or time prohibitive, what options are left? 11:11 Colocation.

Our flexible contracting allows you to scale a high-performance single-site or dual-location colocation service to match your business needs, while 11:11 MultiCloud Connect allows customers to seamlessly and securely connect to external resources, including private cloud, public cloud, and hyperscalers.

Our secure data centers provide around-the-clock, on-site management with professional support for customer colocation equipment and application environments. Your service support is backed by flexible security options, hardened data and connected servers, storage, and backup facilities.

Colocate your custom servers, network devices, and other hardware in one of our global cloud regions. Our flexible contracting makes it easy to leverage colocation as a stepping stone to complete cloud migration. With 11:11 Colocation you can:

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    Reduce or eliminate the need for a primary or secondary data center without compromise.
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    Right size your colocation to match your needs with pay-per-unit flexibility.
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    Avoid re-architecting your applications to new platforms, especially if not virtualized.
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    Preserve your existing hardware or architecture investment.
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    Utilize the same network as your cloud environment for secure and seamless interconnect.
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    Choose from any one of our global cloud regions or leading cloud and network providers.
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    Ensure your specialized disaster recovery equipment moves to the cloud in kind.
  • 24 Support
    Rely on our trusted expertise and 24x7x365 support to execute a broad range of IT and compliance tasks.

Offering guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs), 11:11 Colocation hosting delivers access to leading providers and private cages while supporting your infrastructure with industry-leading operational support. Our colocation data centers are also highly resilient, with disaster recovery locations in a number of sites around the world to provide business continuity for your IT infrastructure.

Colocation hosting options

Production, recovering, hybrid, edge, or all of the above: have a the right colocation solution for you.

Single-site colocation

  • Production and/or recovery environments
  • Hybrid colocation and cloud
  • Low latency edge computing

Dual-site colocation

  • Active-Active production environment
  • Production and/or recovery environments
  • Recovery to multiple sites
  • Regional production edge computing
  • Hybrid colocation and cloud

Bare-Metal Services

Just as with customized equipment, some specialized applications need to run on physical equipment with direct access to the hardware. Preserve your applications without compromise on 11:11 Bare Metal Infrastructure.

While the efficiency of multi-tenant infrastructure and virtualization can dramatically reduce the cost of running your enterprise applications, there are times when deeply customized applications run best without any overhead or abstraction.

11:11 Bare-Metal services ensure no applications are left behind as your journey to the cloud begins. Benefits include:

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    No need to re-factor your non-virtualized application to run in a virtualized (hypervisor) environment.
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    With bare-metal, you have access to the maximum possible performance of the server.
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    Bare-metal services can be fully-customized to meet your needs including the ability to run any operating system and any hypervisor.
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    End-to-end management
    As with all services, hardware is managed by 11:11.
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    Global availability
    Bare-metal available in all of our global cloud regions.