11:11 Cyber Incident Recovery

Survive the worst cyberattacks.

Cyber Incident Recovery

Fight back... and win.

Cybercrime and ransomware attacks are increasing exponentially, nearly doubling every year. Losses already exceed $20 billion, annually. How can you keep your business out of the headlines with these kinds of threats?

This is why organizations are more focused than ever on whether they can recover — and recover quickly and securely — following a breach.

11:11 Cyber Incident Recovery combines modern data protection, our decades mastering managed recovery, 11:11’s specialized facilities and infrastructure designed to meet stringent cyber resiliency requirements, and our consulting skillset to offer customers a comprehensive suite of services and unmatched expertise to address this ever-increasing and evolving threat. The fact is, cyber recovery should not be treated like ordinary disaster recovery. It is much more involved, and requires additional care to ensure that your production environment is not re-infected after recovery.

Our proven methods can improve an organization’s ability to recover following a ransomware event or other cyberattack with technology, automation and orchestration, and consultation with our highly skilled team of experts.

Recovery Readiness

11:11 Cyber Incident Recovery takes a multi-pronged approach to recovery readiness:



During consultation with 11:11 strategic experts, together we’ll identify your vital data assets — the must-have data that requires extra levels of protection and recoverability. We evaluate business-facing and infrastructure-supporting data and their interdependencies to define modern data protection solution requirements, and then get formal management approval on all final determinations.

Cyber Incident Recovery


We’ll provide modern data protection, with an air-gapped, immutable copy of backups saved to the 11:11 Cloud or another hyperscale cloud repository of your choice. This will ensure that backups are inaccessible and tamper proof. This solution provides multi-layered security with role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to rule out both external and internal threats. Leveraging advanced 256-bit TLS encryption and our storage-based encryption we ensure security in flight and at rest. This provides a reliable safety net for a range of cyber threats, including malicious deletion or cybercrime.

Cyber Incident Recovery


Preventing data breaches and knowing when cyber intrusions occur is critical to your organization’s overall security. Whether you have existing solutions in place, or need to shore up your defenses with 11:11 Managed Security solutions, we can help you determine your vulnerabilities, and what you need to do to help prevent cyber incidents and uncover them when they happen.



When a cyber incident happens, we’ll automatically set in motion your approved Recovery Management. This includes business continuity plans with data recreation strategies (recovery and validation), as well as specialized expert consultation in breach assessment, response advice, public relations, threat actor negotiations, and more.



After a cyberattack, organizations no longer have predicted recovery time objectives. Data loss can be days, weeks, or even months, depending on how long forensic analysis takes. Which is why, as part of the data recovery coordination, we provide automated and orchestrated recovery testing and cyber recovery enablement in an isolated clean room to verify that data is recoverable and uncompromised.

We provide isolation, point-in-time data rehydration, and data decryption, if needed. This gives organizations the assurance that they can restore clean data to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

11:11 also provides isolated recovery for analysis, stringent identity, and access management controls, as well as ongoing testing, validation, and readiness response through cyber recovery simulations to improve your overall cyber resiliency posture.


  • Improved Recovery

    Improved Recovery

    11:11 Cyber Incident Recovery improves operational efficiencies with detailed recovery expertise.

  • Industry-leading technology and experience

    Industry-leading technology and experience

    We are consistently recognized as an industry leader in disaster recovery and bring together consultants with more than 40 years of experience in DR.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Following a cyber event, our team is available by phone, email, and ticketing system 24x7x365 to address your questions and speed time to recovery.

  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    Cyber Incident Recovery provides cost savings and protection for brand reputation. Following a ransomware incident, Cyber Incident Recovery may allow customers to avoid the necessity of paying cyber criminals.

  • Strategy and Design

    Strategy and Design

    11:11 provides business continuity planning and recovery consultation to ensure you can recover following a cyber event and recover as quickly as possible.

Need an independent opinion? 11:11 Cyber Incident Recovery recently won a Veeam Innovation Award for addressing the challenge of cybercrime.

Veeam Innovation Award


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