How to Sell Disaster Recovery to Senior Management

Are You Having Trouble Selling DR to Senior Management?

If you’re like many organizations, you have an inadequate disaster recovery (DR) program that leaves you vulnerable to risks, such as loss of revenue or penalties and fines, not to mention the potential for negative impact to your business reputation due to downtime or data loss.

Despite these risks, you’re likely having a difficult time justifying an adequate investment in DR to your senior management. You may feel like the only way you can attract management’s attention is to manually pull the plug on your data center on a regular basis.

This white paper gives you strategies for getting on the same page as senior management regarding DR. These strategies include:

  • Striking the use of the term “disaster” from your vocabulary and making sure management understands the ROI of IT Recovery
  • Speaking about DR the right way — in terms of risk mitigation
  • Pointing management towards a specific solution
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