Disaster Recovery Assessment

Would your organization survive a disaster? Whether it’s caused by human nature or mother nature, would your enterprise stay in business? How vulnerable are you?

This 12-question assessment will help you grade your disaster preparedness.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Phase 1: Disaster recovery governance and structure

  1. Does your organization’s IT team have a disaster recovery (DR) policy outlining your DR capabilities, structure, roles, and responsibilities?
  1. Does your DR program identify risks/vulnerabilities to your existing IT environment?
  1. Does your DR plan define and document recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for each application and system?

Phase 2: DR strategies and capabilities

  1. Has your organization implemented a DR strategy or solution that provides secure and timely data backup and storage?
  1. Do you have a secondary, off-site data center (or cloud location) with infrastructure that adequately allows you to failover/recover critical systems, applications, data, and networking?
  1. Does your DR strategy list dependencies and interdependencies for key applications?

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