11:11 Autopilot Managed Recovery

We’ll take it from here.

DRaaS Autopilot

Don’t manage, delegate.

Allow the experts at 11:11 Systems to take disaster recovery off your hands — because there are only so many hours in a day. . 11:11 Autopilot Managed Recovery was developed for the IT organization that demands efficiency, performance, and a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to data loss and downtime. You’ve got enough on your plate. Allow us to help.

Autopilot Managed Recovery provides complete end-to-end design, implementation, and management of the disaster recovery environment, including all cloud components, testing, and live disaster recovery failovers. The service delivers immediate efficiencies of scale and cost reduction benefits, while ensuring mission-critical applications and workloads are quickly recovered in the event of data loss or significant downtime.

Autopilot Managed Recovery includes:

DRaaS Autopilot
  • Testing
  • Live failovers
  • Resource provisioning
  • Change management
  • 15-minute failover response with fully managed failover and failback

Schedule collaborative planning sessions to develop your customized recovery runbooks and failover processes. Allow the experts at 11:11 to help:

  • Develop full inventory of virtual and physical workloads, including assisted design guidance on L2/L3 connectivity into 11:11 Cloud
  • Install Veeam/Zerto software / Setup and configure VPN
  • Develop recovery runbook with application dependency mapping and tiering, start-up order documentation, and automation

Hands-on assistance and support during the customer life-cycle, including:

  • Managed failover / Failback testing
  • Managed service components, including all 11:11 service components required for DRaaS
  • Managed service provisioning including new workloads, new capacity requirements, circuits, etc.

Advanced documentation and reporting over service metrics, service levels, and service health, including the ability to:

  • Document customized procedures and deliverables with dedicated technical account manager

Recovery Action Plan

  • DRaaS Autopilot
    Failover Declaration
    Customer verification and
    authorization of a declared event.
  • DRaaS Autopilot
    Failover Procedures
    Execution of VM recovery group
    startup, networking and other
    required workloads.
  • DRaaS Autopilot
    Success Declaration
    Verification and completion of all
    infrastructure related startup tasks.
  • DRaaS Autopilot
    Failover Verification
    Customer failover validation
    and acceptance through
    application-specific testing.

Recovery Service Guide

Delivering the right optics on how your business is protected and recovered.

11:11 Autopilot Recovery Service Guide provides executive summary of all service components including:

  • Recovery catalog
  • Site location details
  • Failover testing results

Quarterly Scorecard Report

Broad visibility across overall service health, SLAs, and other key business and service performance indicators.


11:11 Autopilot Managed Recovery vs. 11:11 DRaaS

DRaaS Autopilot


11:11 Autopilot Managed Services benefit all aspects of the business from technology to operations to finance:

DRaaS Autopilot


  • Guaranteed performance and availability
  • Highest levels of IT utilization
  • Access latest IT capabilities without upgrades or migration
  • Ultimate flexibility of resources
  • No-compromise security and compliance
DRaaS Autopilot


  • Fastest time to market and value
  • Fastest recovery through automation to reduce RTO
  • Reduce IT consumption gap
  • Reprioritise IT resources on innovation & revenue activity
  • Designed to meet unique business requirements
DRaaS Autopilot


  • Pay per use cost model for efficiency
  • Reduced or eliminated need for a second data center
  • No upfront CAPEX investment
  • Financial predictability
  • Reduced cost per unit/TCO vs. traditional approach

Technical Account Manager

With 11:11 Autopilot, you get a dedicated Technical Account Manager to ensure you are ready to recover when necessary:

DRaaS Autopilot

Trusted Advisor

  • Environment understanding
  • Training and product adoption
  • Managed service solutions
  • General consulting and best practice
  • Roadmap development
DRaaS Autopilot

Reports and Reviews

  • System health
  • Product usage and value
  • 11:11 support services
DRaaS Autopilot

Customer advocacy and liaison for:

  • Prioritizations and support escalations
  • Business cases
  • Feature requests
  • Engagement management
  • Tailored notifications

Managed Failover / Failback Testing

85 percent of IT leaders believe they will not meet the expectations of their organization for replication frequency and recovery. A big reason for this is a lack of real validation. That’s why testing is so important.

Testing builds confidence. It reveals what needs to be modified for success, lays out which stakeholders should be engaged and for how long, and the order these processes should occur.

For these reasons, 11:11 Autopilot provides two DR validation tests with your dedicated account managers each year. Testing includes:

  • Full site failover testing
  • Application failover testing
  • RTO/RPO validation

All 11:11 DRaaS solutions include:

  • DRaaS for Veeam Gartner

    Industry-leading technology and experience.

    We are consistently recognized as an industry leader in disaster recovery, including in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

  • VM Ware

    VMware-based technology.

    11:11 DRaaS, like all 11:11 services, is built on proven technology from VMware. With VMware, 11:11 enables you to quickly failover and failback during and after the disaster event without having to convert your applications to a new operating format.

  • Compliance

    Dedicated compliance team.

    To help make the transition to cloud easier from a compliance standpoint, and to help tackle your geographic and/or industry-specific concerns, 11:11 maintains an in-house compliance team that is ready to support you.

  • Right-sized cloud for your workloads

    Flexible and individual design.

    11:11 DRaaS enables you to replicate all your IT workloads and applications from public or private clouds, and for both virtual and physical environments, to our proven, VMware-based cloud platform.

  • Security

    Multi-layered security.

    11:11 DRaaS includes managed, purpose-selected security across your recovery environment. 11:11 security is directly integrated into the 11:11 Cloud Console to provide for ease of use, transparency, and control.

  • Backup

    Optional backup.

    To ensure your DRaaS solution is ready for production when necessary, 11:11 DRaaS includes built-in data protection services managed by the 11:11 Cloud Console.

Get started with 11:11 Autopilot Managed Recovery.

Use Cases

11:11 Autopilot Managed Recovery:

  • security
    Provides protection against unplanned downtime and catastrophic data loss from internal and external threats including cybercrime, hardware failure, and natural disasters.
  • Public Cloud
    Eliminates the need for a second data center for disaster recovery.
  • Simplify audit
    Reduces the complexity normally associated with recovering complex IT.
DRaaS Autopilot Use Cases

Available in all geographies that 11:11 Systems operates.

Designed to meet your unique, global business requirements.

11:11 Systems’ data centers meet the highest standards for security, compliance, and performance. With global availability, consistent infrastructure design, and unparalleled scale and flexibility, our cloud regions will be ready to support your changing business needs.