Cyber Recovery Risk Assessment

Would your organization survive a cybersecurity event? What risks could you face? How prepared are you?

Recovering from a data-compromising cyberattack requires planning, investments, capabilities, procedures, and more. You need a multi-disciplinary approach if you’re going to be ready to minimize business interruption from a cyber event.

This 20-question self assessment will help you understand your risk profile.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Phase 4: Compromised Data Recovery

  1. Does your organization have an isolated clean room or recovery environment for forensic analysis of your data before it is restored?
  1. Do you have a defined approach or process to identify clean data and validate it before it is restored to the production environment?
  1. Do you have defined procedures, roles, and responsibilities to guide clean data identification and validation?
  1. Do you have compromised data recovery plans and capabilities that are in complete alignment with your evolving production environment and business priorities?
  1. Can you conduct compromised data recovery tests to validate the effectiveness of your recovery capabilities, including your environment, plans, and teams, and ensure you can restore backup data from specific points in time?

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