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Cybercrime is on the rise. Is your company prepared?

Every year is a banner year for internet hackers and cyberthieves.

We’ve seen all the usual stories of viruses, trojans, and phishing incidents, but new headlines have shed even more light on the increased revenue impact, frequency, and sophistication of large scale attacks. Statistics state that the average number of breaches has increased year over year and that nearly 80% is attributed to new business models and new technologies. This is key and in many ways it’s a call to action to proactively address security gaps as part of current and new tech strategy.

Cybercrime itself has also changed in several ways over the last few years and organizations of all sizes need to be prepared. In this paper we’ll discuss:

  • The best defense
  • Data recovery capabilities
  • Your cyber-defense journey
  • The 11:11 difference when protecting your data
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