How to Sell “Disaster Recovery” to Senior Management

Are You Having Trouble Selling DR to Senior Management?

One reason relates to common attitudes towards risk. While people are risk averse and willing to pay to mitigate risk, they do so only when their own money is at stake. When company money is on the line, they’re far more willing to take risks. As a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research has said, “Organizations are willing to accept far more risk than I would have ever thought possible.”

Another reason for this challenge is that organizations, like yours, believe that they have a comprehensive DR program, when, in fact, their program is incomplete. Organizations often implement backup/ recovery hardware and software, but fail to consider the processes necessary to implement a full solution.

This white paper gives you strategies for getting on the same page as senior management regarding DR. These strategies include:

  • Striking the use of the term “disaster” from your vocabulary making sure management understands the ROI of IT Recovery
  • Speaking about DR the right way—in terms of risk mitigation
  • Pointing management towards a specific solution.
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