Move your VMware applications to the cloud in three steps

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As digital transformation takes hold in companies around the world in an effort to reduce costs and become more competitive, many organizations are left wondering what to do with their existing applications, especially those already virtualized with VMware. Many of these applications are still considered mission critical despite their age and design, and concerns over the expense of refactoring and rearchitecting these applications are well-founded. Fortunately, VMware-based clouds have been built for this specific challenge. But, like anything else in IT, migrating existing applications to the cloud requires a plan for success.

11:11 has developed a three step process to move customer applications to the cloud quickly, easily, and without the disruption of refactoring. Watch our webinar to learn how 11:11’s Plan, Perform, and Protect approach can help your organization transform your most critical assets to the cloud for cost savings and efficiency.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Understand how Planning is critical to the success of your digital transformation, specifically how to choose the right cloud for your needs by balancing cost reduction with performance and security
  • Learn how protecting your applications in the cloud from internal and external threats needs to be considered upfront, not as an afterthought
  • Hear how 11:11 has developed a secure, high-performance cloud based on VMware, and protected with Veeam, to simplify the need for enterprise-grade performance, and no-compromise data protection
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