How to Right-Size Your VMware Apps for the Cloud

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75% of IT leaders say cloud is the most critical part of their entire digital transformation strategy. This should come as no surprise as more customers seek better economics, flexibility, and the ability to work remotely anytime and anywhere. But while the cloud is likely to be the right destination for many of your applications, including VMware-based applications, some clouds are better suited to meet your specific business needs. You need to right-size your cloud environment before you deploy.

Hear from Sam Woodcock, 11:11 Senior Director of Cloud Strategy, Steve Rosenthal, 11:11 Cloud Product Manager, and Justin Augat, 11:11 VP of Product Marketing, to learn why a measured approach to cloud selection and sizing is critical to success in deploying your virtualized applications in the cloud.

During this discussion, you will learn:

  • Which challenges to look for when migrating existing, VMware-based applications to the cloud, and how to overcome them early
  • How public, private, and hybrid clouds have different performance and cost advantages that should be considered beforehand
  • How 11:11 approaches VMware-based application sizing and how 11:11 Public and Private Clouds are designed specifically for VMware
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