Webinar: Put DRaaS to the test

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DRaaS has come a long way in helping businesses to cost-effectively, and easily, recover from the inevitable IT “disaster”. But whether your definition of disaster includes the common cyberattack, or the infrequent hurricane, your DRaaS needs to be ready to perform when called upon. You need to put your DRaaS to the test.

11:11 recently completed a study on disaster recovery readiness that found that the majority of organizations would be unable to fully recover during a failover event. Join our webinar to learn why regular testing is critical to a successful DR strategy and how advances in DRaaS solutions can make testing quick and easy. During our upcoming presentation, we’ll highlight some of the findings from the study, plus:

  • Why regular testing is critical to the success of DRaaS
  • What are the most common issues uncovered during DRaaS testing
  • How 11:11 DRaaS can enable proven DR readiness through simplified testing and transparent reporting on a regular basis
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