Cloud economics: 11:11 Hosted Private Cloud vs. the Hyperscalers

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While it is true that reducing IT costs in the cloud often means adopting a new public cloud service, it is also true that many mission critical applications require more flexibility, performance, and security than a public cloud provide. It is for this reason that private cloud services have gained in popularity. Specifically, private cloud services can help strike the best possible balance between efficient economics, and the ability to meet mission critical application requirements.

But as with all IT purchases, determining the true cost of a private cloud can be difficult when considering all the variables. To compound the problem, customers often have to wade through the (significant) marketing claims made by hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to formulate an accurate “apples to apples” comparison.

Watch our second entry into our 11:11 Cloud Economics webinar series to:

  • Learn why private cloud may be a superior economic choice compared to public cloud – especially when considering your application service levels
  • Understand the most important cost levers to use when comparing multiple cloud service providers and what analysis to do BEFORE you deploy.
  • Hear how 11:11’s unique combination of proven, VMware-based technology, true pay-per-use consumption, and supporting services create an economic advantage for customers when comparing providers
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Sam Woodcock
Senior Director,
Cloud Strategy

Marc Beder
Vice President,
Solutions Architecture