Do I really need to backup Microsoft Office 365? YES!

Organizations are turning to Microsoft Office 365 to streamline employee productivity, enabling communication, creation, and collaboration from anywhere. However many are unaware that basic built-in resiliency does not adequately meet most regulatory, compliance, or retention policies, let alone most traditional backup policies.

11:11 Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 powered by Veeam is an automated, long-term backup service that safeguards your organization’s productivity data against accidental deletion, retention policy gaps or confusion, and internal and external security threats, while also providing mechanisms to address Legal and Compliance needs.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • Why a backup strategy for Microsoft Office 365 is just as important as it is for onsite data.
  • How the 11:11 Cloud Console provides unprecedented visibility and management into your Microsoft Office 365 backup environment.
  • How easy it is to recover data from Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive through the 11:11 Cloud Console.
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Sarah Doherty
Product Marketing Manager

Will Urban
Senior Marketing Technologist

Corey Grone
Senior Product Manager