Ransomware hits a brick wall: Protect and recover with air-gapped backup and DR

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Every 11 seconds. Research from Cybersecurity Ventures indicates a business will suffer a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021, costing in excess of $20B across all industries. With numbers like these, we need to make sure securing and defending against ransomware is a top priority for our business. But while securing and defending against ransomware before it happens is critical, there is no silver bullet. The reality is that preparing to recover quickly after it happens can be just as important to the long-term viability of your business.

Today’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions have evolved with ransomware protection and recovery in mind. Watch our webinar to learn how a combination of air-gapped backup and disaster recovery can help you avoid the worst case scenarios, including paying a ransom, if your data becomes compromised.

Watch our APAC webinar to:

  • Hear how ransomware has taken a turn for the worst in 2021 and what that has meant for peer businesses in your industry
  • Understand how a combination of protection and recovery technologies, including air-gapped backup designed with ransomware in mind, can protect your business against headline-making ransomware attacks
  • Learn how 11:11’s multi-layered approach to air-gapped backup and disaster recovery is fundamentally different from the competition – in terms of protection and ease of recovery.
  • See a mock data recovery in action via a live demonstration of backup and disaster recovery services
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Sam Woodcock
11:11 Senior Director,
Cloud Strategy & Enablement

Marc Beder
11:11 Vice President,
Solutions Architecture