Cybersecurity & the Pandemic: Win the War on IT Resiliency When it Matters Most

IT leaders have been battling an increase in malicious cyberattacks, especially with the vulnerabilities that come with the addition of remote workers. With this increase in threats, backup alone is not enough for businesses to survive and thrive in these challenging times. The acceptable amount of downtime and data loss is at an all-time low, and recovery capabilities that were once considered “nice to have” are now mandatory.

Business resiliency plans that include both backup and disaster recovery give companies the ability to adapt quickly to disruptions and maintain business operations, in addition to keeping their data, staff and company reputation safe. Join 11:11’s Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development, and Jack Bailey, Director of Cloud Strategy, as they discuss the actions companies can take to protect their data and spend more time generating value to the business. From this webinar, you will:

  • Hear about the current challenges organizations are facing from cybercrime
  • Gain a complete understanding of where your data protection gaps are and what you can do to address them
  • Recognize the value of defense in depth and why backup alone isn’t enough
  • Understand how automating backup and DR can help you focus on business innovations 
  • Learn the different approaches to disaster recovery and how 11:11’s cloud platform can provide greater value to the business

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