Healthcare in the Cloud? Top 10-Considerations for Success

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Over the last year, there has been a surge in cloud adoption as more industries move to support remote work and remote access. Healthcare is no exception to this rule. But as hospital IT, administration, and other healthcare employees with the ability to work remotely have found, no two clouds are the same and not every cloud is right for the demands of healthcare.

While the benefits of cloud for healthcare data are well-known, including availability and access benefits that directly reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, the risk in cloud adoption for healthcare applications (ironically) is also in cloud access and availability. In other words, do the benefits of cloud adoption come at the expense of security and compliance, protection, and performance?

11:11 Cloud has been helping healthcare providers securely adopt cloud for their sensitive healthcare applications and data for over a decade. Watch this webinar with 11:11 Cloud’s Justin Augat, VP Marketing and Brian Knudtson, Director of Cloud Market Intelligence to:

  • Understand the benefits of cloud and why customers are increasingly adopting cloud strategies to improve healthcare outcomes
  • Learn what to look for in a cloud provider and why not all clouds are right for sensitive data
  • See how 11:11 helps healthcare providers through proven, VMware-based solutions, multi-layered security and protection services, and unmatched industry and geographic compliance experience
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Brian Knudtson
11:11 Director,
Cloud Market Intelligence

Justin Augut
11:11 VP,
Product Marketing