The State of Data Protection and Critical Issues to Watch in 2021

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The recently released 2021 Data Protection Report states 96 percent of organizations will accelerate cloud usage. During the pandemic, cloud became a key enabler for agencies to adopt digital services and support remote workforces. But this transition to virtual opened up governments and their data to more risk and vulnerability. The report found 58 percent of organizations are in a position where their data can’t be recovered.

Government Technology was joined by 11:11 and Veeam to uncover more crucial insights from the report and how they impact some of the top issues facing state and local governments, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Disaster recovery and continuity of operations
  • Hybrid cloud computing
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Budget and cost control

Watch this timely webcast for a deep dive into the state of data protection and other key areas to help your agency shape its IT priorities and modernization efforts for the future.

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