What is 11:11 Systems?

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You may have noticed a change in the last few weeks. 11:11 Systems acquired iland late last year, and we’ve been moving toward integrating our brands under the 11:11 banner. We recently created a whole new website for 11:11 Systems that includes the cloud, connectivity, and security solutions and services we offer.

But what will this mean for you and your business? What will change — and what will stay the same? Join 11:11 Systems CEO Brett Diamond, CTO Justin Giardina, CRO Jeff Robator, CFO Mark Shalhoub, and CSO Dante Orsini for our exclusive presentation. We’ll discuss:

  • What to expect from 11:11 Systems in the near future
  • How our expanded offering can provide more networking and infrastructure support for your entire organisation
  • Why the best things about us are not changing
  • Where the name 11:11 came from
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Brett Diamond Headshot

Brett Diamond
11:11 Systems

Justin Giardina Headshot

Justin Giardina
11:11 Systems

Jeff Robator Headshot

Jeff Robator
11:11 Systems

Dante Orsini Headshot

Dante Orsini
11:11 Systems

Mark Shalhoub Headshot

Mark Shalhoub
11:11 Systems

Laura Shafer Headshot

Laura Shafer
VP, Product Marketing
11:11 Systems