The Integrated Approach to Multi-layered Data Protection

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The cloud will transform how you protect your business. Are you ready?
The IT landscape is constantly changing. Every year, there are new innovations, new opportunities — and new risks. Companies seeking the latest strategies to adapt, secure, and protect their mission critical data are turning to the cloud to go beyond the physical limits of data protection in traditional environments.
Veeam and 11:11 Cloud, together, have changed what is possible with data protection. Don’t miss Jason Buffington, VP Solutions Strategy at Veeam, 11:11’s Dante Orsini, SVP Business Development and Sam Woodcock, Senior Director of Cloud Strategy discussing how Veeam Availability Suite integrated with 11:11 Cloud can deliver a multi-layered approach to data protection.
Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Implement best practices around multi-layered data protection leveraging the cloud
  • Build a BaaS and DRaaS solution that fits your business needs
  • Understand the operational and risk management benefits of a single suite of tools and management software
  • Choose the right cloud platform for your mission critical data
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