How to get cloud smart

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More organizations than ever before are building their businesses in the cloud, as they automatically plan around a “cloud first” approach. They’re looking to hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge strategies, but they’re introducing a lot of complexity into their infrastructure. How do you protect data and applications no matter where they live?

Watch our presentation, where we’ll explain what is driving so many organizations to take a “cloud smart” approach. We’ll also discuss:

  • How you can stay ahead of cloud trends
  • What critical things to address before any cloud migration
  • Why third-party security, data protection, disaster recovery, and connectivity solutions are crucial
  • How 11:11 Systems can provide you with tools you need for a seamless experience in a multi-cloud world
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Sam Woodcock Headshot

Sam Woodcock
11:11 Senior Director,
Cloud Strategy and Enablement

Brian Knudtson Headshot

Brian Knudtson
11:11 Director,
Cloud Market Intelligence