Could you recover from a data breach?

How to complete your data defences by planning for disasters.

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In recent years, organisations report that cyberattacks were the most common cause of outages – and the most impactful outages, highlighting that ransomware and other cyber intrusions are a number one concern right now. But defending against cyberattacks is only one part of a holistic security approach. Could your organisation recover following a data breach?

During our webinar, we discuss how a multi-pronged security program requires robust data protection and a recovery solution. We also discuss:

  • How recovery is different for disasters versus cyber incidents
  • What options are available to ensure you have a data protection solution that provides immutability
  • How to create a recovery management program that prioritises your most critical applications and data
  • Why you need to assess risk of a breach before it happens
  • How our comprehensive solution can help you reduce risk
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Kaushik Ray
SVP, Customer Experience
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Laura Shafer
VP, Product Marketing
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