The Real Danger of ChatGPT

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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) coming for your job? Does ChatGPT pose the greatest security risk for organisations of all sizes? Does AI mean the end of civilisation and life as we know it?

There are a lot of headlines about AI these days with some high-profile people saying it could present a seismic shift in IT – both economically and technologically. During our webinar, we talk about ChatGPT and other AI and try to cut through the hype. We discuss:

  • The benefits, including increased efficiency, automation, and threat identification
  • The increased volatility, including the seismic changes AI could mean for you and your team
  • The risks, notably the way threat actors can also use ChatGPT and other AI to improve the speed and effectiveness of cyber attacks
  • The steps you should take to improve your flexibility and your defences considering these shifts
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Sam Woodcock Headshot

Sam Woodcock
Senior Director,
Cloud Strategy and Enablement
11:11 Systems

Darpan Thaker Headshot

Darpan Thaker
Senior Director,
Data Protection and DRaaS
11:11 Systems

Laura Shafer Headshot

Laura Shafer
VP, Product Marketing
11:11 Systems