New year, new threats: How to block bad actors and become more cyber resilient.

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You probably already know that you’re responsible for protecting your Microsoft 365 data – Microsoft focuses only on protecting the underlying application and infrastructure. But what are you doing to make sure that data is safe long-term and isn’t vulnerable to cyber-attacks? One solution is to have a backup copy that is immutable: it can’t be altered, overwritten, changed, or deleted.

During our webinar, we talk about new, modern data protection strategies like immutability that can help your organisation become more cyber resilient. We also discuss:

  • How to keep your Microsoft 365 data out of criminal hands
  • What you need to do to protect all SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and OneDrive data
  • Why a multi-layered approach to data protection is key
  • How working with 11:11 Systems can help reduce risk across your entire organisation
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Jim Jones
Sr. Product Infrastructure Architect
11:11 Systems

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Ian Sanderson
Product Manager, Data Protection
11:11 Systems

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Laura Shafer
VP, Product Marketing
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