Why You Need Data Protection and Security to Be Cyber Resilient

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No one has any doubts these days about how important cybersecurity and data protection are. But are you considering them the same thing? Cybersecurity is all about protecting data, and data protection is all about having security for your cyber assets. Historically, the two have been dealt with completely independently, but today they should be considered as part of a single strategy.

During this presentation with the Disaster Recovery Journal, we discuss how to get a unified approach to data protection and cybersecurity that will improve both efforts. We also discuss:

  • What cybersecurity means for data protection specialists
  • Why cybersecurity threats are the primary driver of data loss, and therefore should be the primary driver of data protection
  • What makes data recovery the best last line of defense in a multi-stage data resiliency strategy
  • Why addressing cybersecurity requirements when implementing backup and DR solutions is so important
  • How principles of cybersecurity can improve data recovery in all disaster scenarios
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