2024 IT Predictions: What to Make of AI, Cloud, and Cyber Resiliency

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As the 2024 IT landscape begins to take shape, one thing is clear: our profound lack of clarity. The future is hard to predict, nowhere more than IT. Some trends might endure, like the increasing frequency and sophistication of cybercrime or the maturation of cloud strategies. Meanwhile, variables like economic and social tensions and the AI boom make for an uncertain future.

Watch our webinar as we unpack the year to come and offer practical insights and actionable strategies to help you and your organisation adapt and thrive amidst uncertainty. Our panel of industry thought leaders discuss:

  • The impact AI and technologies like ChatGPT will have on the IT landscape
  • The rise of ransomware and the importance of cyber resiliency
  • What it means to be a good steward of your (and your customers’) data
  • The rate of digital transformation and cloud adoption
  • Employing “cloud smart” rather than “cloud first” strategies
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Moosa Matariyeh Headshot

Moosa Matariyeh
VP, Solutions Architecture
11:11 Systems

Anthony Giandomenico Headshot

Anthony Giandomenico
Global VP, Cyber-Security

Bharath Nagaraj Headshot

Bharath Nagaraj
Senior Field Technical Director

James Costanzo Headshot

James Costanzo
Product Marketing Manager
11:11 Systems