Meeting Your GDPR Data Requirements While Residing in the Cloud

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By now, you’ve heard all about GDPR and the stringent rules around keeping data protected and confidential. You’ve watched our first webinar, so now you’re up to speed on the Data Protection Officer portion – but what about your cloud footprint?

As cloud adoption continues to increase, the issue of securing, protecting and recovering data in the cloud is a big challenge faced by many companies. How can you make sure you’re ready for GDRP?

Join this webinar – the second in a series on data protection and compliance – to hear from 11:11’s VP of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Frank Krieger, and Compliance Coordinator, William McHenry, as they cover important issues for IT and Compliance leaders in this current uncertain environment including:

  • Identifying and classifying protected data
  • Creating and monitoring data maps for GDPR
  • Applying your data classification to cloud providers
  • Validating your data controls with a cloud provider
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