Cybercrime and Compromised Data - Managing Risk is Everyone's Business

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Ransomware and other forms of malicious cyberattacks are a top threat to IT and your entire organization. Would your business survive an attack? The key to reducing the impact of cybercrime on your business is having well-thought-out options to recover compromised data. These options must be both IT- and business-led and adapted quickly in case of a successful ransomware attack.

Watch our session to learn new insights on improving your organization’s ability to recover data following a cyberattack. We also discuss:

  • The difference between IT and non-IT-led approaches to data recovery, and why it’s far more than restoring from backups
  • How to decide what data is most worthy of advanced levels of protection and recoverability
  • How to get the business community ready to do their part
  • Why addressing cybercrime and compromised data recovery is everyone’s business
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