Navigating VMware changes: How to minimize upheaval and keep your business moving forward

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There’s been a massive sea change in IT. Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware brought waves of uncertainty as the company announced a new platform across the board – VMware Cloud Foundation. Plus, it is dropping perpetual licenses and will only offer subscription-based services moving forward. Many are unprepared for the upheaval and rocked by these changes.

If your business is one of those caught in the storm, we can help you steer through rough waters. Watch our webinar to understand the options you have and the best ways to navigate them. Plus we cover:

  • How to take a strategic approach to VMware changes that helps future-proof your business and explore the best cloud options
  • What you can do to maximize benefits and minimize costs
  • How to create a cloud strategy that matches the right workloads to the right cloud at the right time
  • Why 11:11’s association as a VMware Pinnacle Partner can provide you with the best pricing and solution optimization possible
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Dante Orsini Headshot

Dante Orsini
Chief Strategy Officer
11:11 Systems

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Moosa Matariyeh
VP, Global Channels & Solutions
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