Ransomware to Resilience: Building a Comprehensive Strategy to Fight Cybercrime

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Cybercrime and ransomware have reached epidemic proportions. They’ve become so commonplace for businesses, they’re now the most cited reason for an IT outage. And many global governing agencies are putting laws and regulations in place to combat threats. This is why organizations must put together a strategy that addresses proactive approaches to prevent data breaches, as well as reactive controls to recover when attacks are successful.

What does it take to be truly cyber resilient? Watch our webinar to understand these preventative measures. Plus we also discuss:

  • How to create a strategy to prevent, respond, and recover from cyber attacks
  • Why a truly comprehensive program includes more than just technology solutions
  • Why you should leverage industry standards for technology, simulation/testing, and cyber specific programs
  • How 11:11 Systems can help you take the first steps – and help in every step toward cyber resilience
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