Make the Case to Add Disaster Recovery to Your IT Budget (Webinar)

It’s that time of year – when fiscal budgets are allocated and every line item is scrutinized. IT resiliency has become the focus of many due to increasing malicious ransomware attacks and devastating natural disasters.

Disaster Recovery is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and the cloud brings agility, scale, and affordability that has never been seen before.

Join this webinar to learn how 11:11 has solved the traditional budgetary challenges and technical hurdles for our customers. Our DR experts will cover:

  • How a DR solution can be used for proactive security and penetration testing to prevent malicious “disasters”.
  • How DR is easier than ever to implement, test and enact.
  • New, affordable cloud-based DR options.
  • How to justify a DR investment.
  • Why backup alone may not be enough.

Join this webinar with 11:11’s Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development, and Will Urban, Director of Technical Marketing, to learn how you can keep DR in your budget.

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