2023 IT Predictions

Featuring speakers from Veeam and Fortinet.

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As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life the tech industry. This sentiment rings particularly true as we consider the unprecedented explosion in data creation and pervasive threats like cybercrime and ransomware, cloud adoption and cloud-first IT strategies, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Predicting where exactly the IT winds will blow next is notoriously challenging, especially lately. Join us during our upcoming webinar, featuring a conversation with industry thought leaders and experts. We’ll discuss:

  • The rise in ransomware and the importance of data security
  • What it means to be a good steward of your (and your customers’) data
  • The rate of digital transformation and cloud adoption
  • Employing “cloud smart” rather than “cloud first” strategies
  • What the industry’s recent past has to say about its future, and what that means for your business
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Brian Knudtson Headshot

Brian Knudtson
Director of Cloud
Market Intelligence
11:11 Systems

Jason Buffington Headshot

Jason Buffington
Vice President,
Market Strategy

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy Headshot

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Vice President,
Global Field CISO

James Costanzo Headshot

James Costanzo
Product Marketing Manager
11:11 Systems