Veeam Me Up To the Cloud

How to Achieve Next Generation Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether your nemesis is a malicious attack, a hurricane or human error, have you collected all the tools you need to keep your [U.S.S.] Enterprise safe?
There are a host of technologies available: backups on-premise, backups in the cloud, on-premise failovers, DRaaS, and more. To complicate matters, each of your applications may require different levels of protection. Plus, security is always a concern. So, how do you choose a solution to meet all your needs?
Join this webinar to learn:

  • How backup differs from disaster recovery
  • How to marry different technologies for a complete solution
  • What to consider when selecting a technology or cloud partner
  • What it takes to configure DRaaS within the Veeam console

Join 11:11’s SVP of Business Development, Dante Orsini, and Veeam’s Systems Engineer, Zane Allyn, for guidance on how to best evaluate all of your options.

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