Looking for a secure cloud?

Secure public cloud and DRaaS

The burden of bringing together commodity cloud, various security technologies and compliance requirements weighs heavy on any responsible IT leader. And, maintaining this tenuous mix is an ongoing challenge. Why?

Turn to 11:11 for one-stop cloud and DRaaS – with security and compliance baked in.

Included in our industry-leading cloud platform are:

  • Exceptional security technologies from Trend Micro
  • VM-encryption from Hytrust 
  • Storage-based encryption on our encrypted accelerated Nimble storage
  • Vulnerability scanning at every one of our eight locations
  • And, the support of our own in-house compliance and security team
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Intuitive cloud management, unparalleled visibility.
The ease of managing your cloud determines your success with cloud. With our powerful and intuitive portal, you get the cloud visibility and control you need. Easily manage all of your virtual data center resources, view detailed performance information, create and restore from backups, replicate data to other 11:11 clouds, access granular billing info and more.

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