11:11 DRaaS for Veeam

#1 Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Provider

11:11 offers Veeam Cloud Connect Replication at our global locations. Benefits include:

  • Centralized management & reporting using 11:11’s Cloud Console
  • Full and partial-site failover to the 11:11 enterprise cloud
  • Self-service or assisted onboarding and failover using 11:!1’s Recovery Assurance
  • Secure connections, network extension appliances, and traffic reduction mechanisms
  • Integrated orchestration of Disaster Recovery Runbooks for live & test failover
  • Optional colocation for supporting legacy systems and hardware platforms
  • Purpose-built solution offering 100 percent compatibility with Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Powered by 11:11’s award-winning Secure Cloud infrastructure with 100 percent uptime SLAs
  • Included, in-region, 24×7 expert customer support

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