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Cloud object storage is a solution that makes it possible to store limitless amounts of data, simply and cost effectively. Object storage is considered a good fit for the cloud because it is elastic, flexible and it can easily scale into multiple petabytes to support unlimited data growth.

This whitepaper shows you how choosing cloud object storage allows for businesses to overcome both cost and performance challenges:

  • Cost-effective and secure storage for large volumes of data provides the ability to archive large amounts of data cost effectively and securely for almost infinite periods of time.
  • Replace costly, outdated and unreliable tape solutions. Tapes are still used by some organizations; however, without the proper testing tapes can be difficult to restore data from when it is time to get that data quickly.
  • Cost basis for profitable business growth is the solution because the storage efficiency significantly improves profit calculations while allowing for the capacity to handle a high volume of data.
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