How a multi-layered approach to data protection can keep you ahead of cyber threats

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The data breaches that make headlines usually come from outside an organization. But there are also serious threats coming from inside the figurative walls of a company. This dual challenge leaves organizations in need of more than a straight one-size-fits-all solution.

Security moving into the future will involve many layers, with protection efforts forced to account for everything from internal networks and disaster recovery solutions to remote endpoints. To prepare, companies need to understand the potential security risks and data losses associated with ransomware, email, phishing, and data at rest and data in motion. On top of that, the threat from third-party supply chain attacks needs attention.

Hear from security consultant Laura Payne, 11:11’s Dale Levesque, Director, Cloud Data Protection and Recovery, and Brandon McCoy, Senior System Engineer, Veeam as they discuss the current risk landscape and how a multi-layered approach to internal and external security threats can help mitigate risk.

Among the topics covered in this session:

  • New post-pandemic cyber challenges
  • Preventing data leakage
  • Backup and recovery as hedge against ransomware
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