Five obstacles holding back your hybrid cloud strategy

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It’s been said that the most successful technology strategies are those that can avoid trade-offs and overcome obstacles quickly.

Even in the era of cloud computing, in which IT flexibility comes standard, administrators moving out of the data center can still face technology compromises if they don’t ask the right questions before they deploy.

For those organizations that need the flexibility and efficiency of public cloud, but need to consider the performance and security of private cloud, a hybrid cloud strategy that includes a mix of public, private, and bare-metal can appear to be the best solution. But, not all environments and applications are created equal, and capabilities can vary widely by vendor.

Watch this webinar with Justin Augat, 11:11 VP, Product Marketing, Dusten Tornow, 11:11 IaaS Senior Product Manager, and Will Urban, 11:11 Senior Technologist to understand the power of hybrid cloud, and the benefits you can achieve as part of your IT strategy. More importantly, learn to avoid the most common cloud obstacles by asking the right questions before you deploy including:

  • What should I consider from a hybrid cloud management perspective?
  • How do I align my various application performance and cost requirements with hybrid cloud options including public, private, and bare-metal services?
  • What security, compliance, and data protection capabilities should I look for when dealing with mission-critical and sensitive data?
  • My team is already stretched with other activities. What supporting services should I look for in a cloud provider?
  • I know cloud pricing can be complicated. How do I forecast my resource needs to stay on budget?
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