11:11 and Freeit team up to offer: Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect

Free, 30-day, 5TB Trial

Technology partners, Freeit Data and 11:11, the #1 Veeam Cloud Service provider, are working together to bring you a free trial of the best backup solution in the industry.

Trust your data to the largest Veeam Cloud Service Provider worldwide.

  • North American Data centers in Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.
  • Global Data centers in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney
  • GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 27001 Compliant
  • US-based customer support
  • Instant Online Activation

Just fill-out the form.

  • No credit card required
  • Hassle free for 30 days, no charge, no risk
  • Guided set-up and 24×7 Support during your trial
  • Instant Activation

What do you need?

  • Recommended bandwidth: 1Mbps for each 300 GB of data
  • One useable public IP for outbound communication
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