When Plan B goes wrong: Avoiding the pitfalls with DRaaS

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Most talk of disaster recovery focuses on genuinely rare scenarios – terror attacks or freak weather events. The reality is rather more mundane – and surprisingly frequent according to the contributors to this exclusive research… When someone hits ‘delete’ when they really shouldn’t have, when the AC in the DC goes down and takes the racks with it, when workmen drill through ‘that’ cable and the lights go out – even a simple trip accompanied by a tragically placed coffee cup.

We recently surveyed 150 technical and business decision makers from organisations drawn from a wide cross section of UK enterprises, each employing a minimum of 500 people, to investigate the real-world experiences of enterprises when disaster strikes.

Watch this webinar to learn about their key findings.

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Sam Woodcock
11:11 Senior Director –
Cloud Strategy

Chris Rogers
Cloud Architect, Zerto EMEA