Disaster Recovery Assessment

Would your organization survive a disaster? Whether it’s caused by human nature or mother nature, would your enterprise stay in business? How vulnerable are you?

This 12-question assessment will help you grade your disaster preparedness.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Phase 3: DR response and execution

  1. Does your IT team have a DR management plan and procedures for incident detection, escalation, reporting to executive leadership, disaster declaration, management of recovery activities, and eventual return to your production environment?
  1. Do your DR plans include infrastructure, applications, and data failover in your DR environment?
  1. Do you have validation procedures in place to ensure you recover the correct data and the business has adequate access to key systems and data?

Phase 4: DR validation and testing

  1. Do you have a documented DR test charter, testing plan/schedule, and test methodology?
  1. Do you perform annual or semi-annual scenario-based tabletop exercises and DR plan walkthrough sessions?
  1. At least once a year, do you perform testing that includes DR site failover for critical IT infrastructure, applications, and data?

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