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How to build an in depth defence strategy
We have learned some uncomfortable truths about cybercrime over the last few years: Cyberthieves don’t stop, they do get smarter, and there is no single, silver-bullet solution that can prevent all attacks. As your data grows, so do the challenges of protecting it without a multi-layered approach. Developing a cybercrime strategy that includes both threat defence and attack strategies can dramatically improve your ability to combat even the most sophisticated threats.

Watch this session with 11:11 and Veeam to:

  • Hear how a combination of security, data protection, and disaster recovery can help your organisation defeat cyberthreats from the start
  • Learn how using disaster recovery as an attack strategy early and often can improve your ability to identify security gaps
  • Watch a demonstration of 11:11’s unified management Cloud Console, to see how you can defend, protect, and recover from a single interface
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Jack Bailey
11:11 Senior Product Manager –
Cloud Data Protection

Sam Woodcock
11:11 Senior Director –
Cloud Strategy

Adrian Lowe
Veeam EMEA
Cloud Systems Engineer