Cyber Recovery Risk Assessment

Would your organization survive a cybersecurity event? What risks could you face? How prepared are you?

Recovering from a data-compromising cyberattack requires planning, investments, capabilities, procedures, and more. You need a multi-disciplinary approach if you’re going to be ready to minimize business interruption from a cyber event.

This 20-question self assessment will help you understand your risk profile.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Phase 3: Response to a Data-Compromising Cyber Event

  1. Has your organization defined roles, responsibilities, and procedures for identifying the scope for recovery following a data-compromising event?
  1. Do you have a Compromised Data Recovery Management Plan to guide a multi-disciplinary team through recovery efforts?
  1. Do you have pre-defined compromised data recovery options that include IT and business-led recovery alternatives beyond restoration from backups?
  1. Do you have subject matter experts available with cyber incident skills and experience who can advise you regarding digital forensics and incident response, data and server rebuilding, ransomware payment negotiation, dark web monitoring, and crypto payment?
  1. Has your response team conducted cyber recovery and response exercises with all contributors to reinforce roles, responsibilities, plans, strategies, and enabling capabilities?

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