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11:11’s backup sizing calculator can help you determine how much space you need to backup your data

Fill out the form on the right to immediately access 11:11’s backup sizing calculator. This tool will help you calculate your backup storage requirements with just a few pieces of information:

  • Used Storage
  • Daily Restore Points
  • Weekly Restore Points
  • Monthly Restore Points
  • Yearly Restore Points


With 11:11 Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect, you can:

  • Significantly lower your total cost of ownership and reduce team and resource usage.
  • Improve the speed of data recovery through powerful search and restore of files, folders, and virtual workloads.
  • Protect more data through fast setup, integrated encryption, and a superior onboarding experience.
  • Mitigate exposure to ransomware by offsiting additional copies of your data to the cloud.
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